Looking for a Dental Treatment during your Vacation in India ?

Owing to its economical cost and the incredible medical-tour in India, the country stands as a preferred choice of destination amongst NRIs and foreigners who frequently travel here for their medical treatments. Dental treatments in India have carved a niche for themselves, now that we can witness a majority of foreigners coming to India for dental procedures and cosmetic surgeries. As a matter of fact, only a small percentage of Americans could opt for dental insurance, while dental procedures are not covered under health insurances. The medical-tour in India facilitates them to get their treatment done at almost 1/3rd of the cost in the US.

Apart from the various cosmetic dentistry packages offered under the medical-tour in India such as dental veneers, gum contouring, gum re-pigmentations and many more, dental bonding (or tooth bonding or simply, bonding) has also proven to be an excellent procedure for fixing cosmetic and structural teeth imperfections. Bonding basically involves the repairing of cracked, chipped and discoloured teeth, and the replacement of silver amalgam fillings.

The medical-tour in India with much technological advancement has given an added impetus to bonding treatments at various major cities of India. It is nothing but a proven medical approach towards restoring a smile as against cavity-filling, making use of composite resins. A tooth-coloured resin material is then applied and made stiff through ultraviolet light. The resin material helps in changing the tooth shape, improving its discoloration and in protecting tooth roots. The entire procedure to complete one tooth takes about 30-60 minutes. Allow at least 24 hours for the resin to toughen once the bonding is completed, before you start chewing with them.

Eventually not only do you enjoy an economical dental treatment during your vacation in India, but a perfect blend of rich culture and traditions of the country.

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